Girls: Do you ever stumble across a guy and you label him as "marriage material"?

Just a weird thought I had...

Do you know any guys that just scream "marriage material" or can you like pick these guys out in a crowd? And also, would you string a guy like this along to have him as an option as you age and start thinking about settling down?

I mean, girls kinda have the "power" to do so... Would you do it?


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  • LOL- I don't think I can pick guys out in a crowd as "marriage material"- you can't just look at a guy and know. But, through the course of getting to know a guy, you can find out if he has the traits that kind of say "marriage". Like if he good with kids, if he's responsible, if he's driven, if he's able to take care of himself (meaning his mom doesn't do his laundry or clean his house) etc. But, even if a guy has all those qualities, I would never just keep him around in case I couldn't find anyone else- that's HORRIBLE! Besides, who wants to settle for a guy who's good enough because a better one never came along? Not this girl- if I don't find the guy who's right for me, then I won't get married.

    FYI, it's actually much easier to pick out guys who AREN'T marriage material, at least not right now. If a guy is immature, still stuck in partying with his buddies and chasing women, selfish, irresponsible with money, afraid of commitment, has a different girl every week etc. he's not ready for marriage (yet anyway). That's not to say he's not a great guy a girl could have fun with (depending on which of those traits he has), or that I wouldn't date him, it just means I go into it knowing that if he doesn't grow up, he's not the one for me.

    But bottom line, when I meet a guy, my mind doesn't usually jump immediately to marriage, it tends to jump to dating, and sometimes not even that. Girls like to have harmless fun too you know!

  • haha I don't think you can tell if a guy's marriage material just by seeing him in a crowd, either. It definitely depends on getting to know the guy. And as far as "stringing him along to have as an option..." that's just cruel.

    For me, though, I think it's cute how guys are around little kids...whether it's just a turn on or something deeper psychologically, who knows.


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