Why are people so rude with their answers on this site?

You ask a serious question and some people are rude with their answers. If you ask a question anonymously, they are more rude. If you don't understand the question or don't have a helpful answer then you shouldn't answer at all. I know this is an online site and everyone has their own opinions but I would rather have a helpful answer than one that is done to make fun of you.


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  • A lot of us only come off as rude because our answers are misinterpreted. We're blunt because we don't believe that sugar coating or beating around the bush will get the message across. A lot of people ask for advice on things they really already know the answer to because its painfully obvious but are in denial about. In those cases, someone needs to come along and beat them over the head with the truth like it's a blunt object. I'm one of those people and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    • Lol. Thanks! Sometimes I ask questions that I may know the answer to but am in denial about because I want someone to tell me what they think. If I ask a question about a guy on this site most of the time what I think is different from how it really is. Some people are blunt with their answers but some are just straight out rude like they try to make themselves more brighter than you as if you are stupid because they think that your ? isn't intelligent enough 4 them. Thanks tho.

    • I'm with WeaponZero on this one. It's best not to sugar coat.

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  • I believe the variation in answers stems from those who are seeking attention and want to engage in a war of words. They tend to have nothing else better to do than be critical, pass judgment on someone or a situation and in some cases be out of line. On a site like this, one has to expect that you will encounter users like that and it's a shame.

    However, I want to assure you of one thing that there are some select users on here who offer good advice. They are here to truly try and make a difference and help people in the smallest way. I am one of those people. The only reason I created an account was to try to help people out because I do enjoy providing advice. I am honest and sometimes tough in my responses but not in a negative fashion.

    Ignore the haters, they will drag you down.

    • Thank you. I know there are more people on this site who want to help you with ur questions than those who do not. I guess I will just have to ignore the haters afterall lol.