Guys : Signs that you will marry your girlfriend?

what are the sure shot signs a guy will marry the girl

please try to give in details if possible


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  • when I met the woman that I married I just knew that she was the one. Don't know how, I jus did. I always wanted to be with her, thought about her all the time, would just catch myself staring at her and couldn't take my eyes off her. I'd never experienced anything like it before. I thought she was the most beautiful woman that I'd ever seen and had the most perfect body ever. There was more than just the physical part though. We would often finish sentences, want the same foods for dinner and just had tons in common. The sex was something that, as silly as it sounds to other guys, was the most connecting I'd ever had. I think I knew from the get go that I wanted to marry her because I wanted to be with her. I'd travel for work and think about how when I saw something neat or interesting that I'd think of her and wanted her to see it as well. I'll will forever love her and if you have that feeling for someone...go for it. She passed away from cancer about a year ago. I miss her everyday and still love her even more each day. Life is true.

    • I'm so sorry to hear that, it sounds as if you really loved her.

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    • This has to be the best answer I've ever read.... So sorry about what happened.

      God bless you, you re every woman's dream. am glad you experienced it, cherish the memories you had with her and am sure she knows how much you still love her.

    • Being poured with your sincere love, she must have had her best time in her life :) I hope I can meet a nice guy like you

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  • When he finds out your parents are loaded.

    When he finds out he can't do any better

    When he finds out other guys would love to be him

  • There is no sure shot sign that a guy will marry the girl.

    The only time you can get close to knowing that he will marry her is when he pops the question.

    Even then, there are sometimes other things that happen between the question and the momment he says I do.

  • Sure shot sign #1 that a guy will marry the girl: he proposes.


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  • theres no sure signs sorry you're gunna have to accept that and get over it, don't look so far into the future

  • if the girl stops pressuring the guy, I mean I wouldn't ever try and force myself to be married with someone I'd just let him go ahead and do it when he's ready, and if years go by and he doesn't maybe he isn't the one

  • There really are not signs. I have been married twice and both times were very different. I would say there are signs they won't ask you, like if they never talk about it, are not romantic at all and don't show interest in being married, having kids or long term plans with you.