I'm married but I hang out with my ex girlfriend, is that bad?

My college ex girlfriend and I have no kids, but we enjoy each other's company. We hang out, hug, play video games, watch movies, hit the gym, and smoke weed together. My ex also brings her 2 bffs and we hang out. I am indian, my wife is Chinese, my ex is Mixed European, and her bffs are Japanese and Latina. I have once hooked up with the Japanese bff before I dated my ex.

Point is, is it bad that we hang out commonly? My wife hates that I hang out with my ex. But, she is my best friend. my wife yelled at me when I invited them over to smoke weed and I drank too. the 4 of us also went out to bars and clubbing, and we passed out while drinking in my bff's house and I spent the night next to her. all 4 of us slept on the 4.

We all slept on the floor


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  • You should respect what your wife wants. You probably would be comfortable with her hanging out with her ex's all the time.


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  • upload.wikimedia.org/.../...en_Facepalm_statue.jpg
    No offense but how do you fit all this stupid in you skull?

    • We're just friends!

    • Dude, wake the fuck up! You can't be "just friends" with someone you slept with. And even if you somehow are, I think your wife is the more important one. Seriously, how would you feel if she starts going out with a group of men, she used to sleep with? Get your shit together and stop acting like a child.

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  • Yes, that is bad. Your wife will always have to compete for attention from someone you use to have sex with. Too much temptation there for problems. Total conflict of interest. Don't you have any other friends to get high with?