Why do you want to get married? Or do you think marriage is even necessary?

Religious reasons?

Social pressure?

Legal benefits?

Something else?

I was wondering since I was told in another question that I am unloving and only interested in sex, since I said I would need to sleep with someone before I married them, you could comment on that too!


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  • That absolutely does not make you just interested in sex. Most people now a days will sleep with somebody before getting married. Men call it, "taking the car for a drive before you purchase it." I don't necessarily like that saying, but a lot of marriages I researched back in the days before this was used, failed because the sex life wasn't going anywhere. Either the guy couldn't get it up, or etc.

    Some people may feel the need to get married for social pressure, but I think it's just something most people want so they can have somebody through life to be there for them. It's a way of pronouncing your love for one another, and knowing that you will never feel that way about anybody else. Sure, there is cheating and all of that drama sometimes in a marriage, but I think most people shun marriage because of what they see with celebrities on television, which is definitely not what a marriage is. There should be a new definition for celebrity marriages.

    If you don't want to ever get married, don't feel pressured too. But don't think that you never will want to because you might meet that special somebody. There are some that just get married for relgious purposes or legal benefits, but to me that's not what a marriage should be about.


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  • Marriage is a property relationship. Women only marry men who can provide for them and children financially. You don't see a list of eligible bankrupts or hobos in cleo or cosmo. Its the building block of society, get married raise children, little versions of ourselves, so they polute the gene pool when you are dead and burried.

    Dont need to get married to have sex anymore. Gone are the days when you wake up one morning with a wife a couple of kids, a mortgage and a volvo in the drive and think to yourself how the hell did this happen. I was only looking for casual sex. Then again woman is the new man.

  • She's someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. That's why I'm going to marry her.

    I agree with you. I wouldn't marry someone without knowing how compatible we were in bed. Sex is very important in a long term relationship. Sex is usually the first thing to go when a couple is no longer happy with each other. I'd have to know that the person I marry is going to do every thing it takes to keep the sexual fire burning. If she had hang ups regarding sex, it puts our marriage at risk of failing. That's my choice, my opinion. Others can chose what's right for themselves, but don't tell me my choice is wrong.