Should I agree with my bf? or he should agree with me?

My boyfriend wants me to live with him and have babies:)... He really loves me. he wants to spend his while life with me but he doesn't want to get married. But I am religious and very traditional. It will be embarassing for my family if I have premarital sex and children out of wedlock.:(
I know it may be funny in the 21st century not to sleep around or not to live together while dating but I still think morals are more important than being fashionable. My friends and acquaintances live with their bfs but they will judge me if I do the same because I always told them I will break up if my boyfriend doesn't marry me. Honestly my pride won't let me have premarital sex. I think I deserve the happiness of getting marriage purposal from my beloved one.
I mean for him marrying me is not a sacrification. He won't lose anything but gain. But for me not marrying is unhappiness because I will lose my confidence, make my parents embarassed, feel guilty and sinful.
Not to mention if he leaves me and my chidlren (if I have) after living together. This will make me seem like a fool and break my parents' hearts even more. I better get married and divorced, than date, have sex and then break up.

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  • look , if he really loves u like u said and wants to spend his whole life with u , he would marry u for sure , cuz that's what is marriage , ( two people who wants to spend their life together and have babies ) so why won't he marry u? :/
    u should know why
    and for me , u're true when u didn't want to go and live with him

    • he says it is expensive and not necessary

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    • I agree with you. He also wants to know if we are compatible or not. He says "I can't buy a care without a test drive"

    • that's wrong my dear , believe me , love is not like that , if he really loves u he won't think about this things ( testing... o. O that's weird , i mean he loves u right? why would he thinks like this way , ) he's giving u an excuses that's all ,

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  • Talk to him, tell him about how you feel with that.

    Also, I Agree with u 100% :)