Will first marriage hinder the second one?

Imagine the case: Man who is civilian of Georgia (where gay marriage is not legalized) goes in Sweden and gets married with the man. Then he comes in Georgia and gets married with the woman. Will first marriage with man in Sweden be hindering factor for second marriage to woman in Georgia?


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  • Probably now that its legally validated in ever US state now. Unless of course you mean Georgia the country. In which case you'd need to research the laws on that.

    Why doesn't he just divorce the man to marry the woman?

    • I mean Georgia the country. I don't know it is just law case and me as a law student have to solve it and decide whether it ( The first marriage with same-sex partner) is legally hindering for second marriage or not.( According Georgian law and International conventions)

    • It would depend on whether Georgia recognizes marriages that took place where it's legal or if it does not recognize any same sex union of any kind. Regardless, they'd have problems traveling places where gay marriage is legal.

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  • Marriage in Sweden will be the hindering one

    Really though, that guy is the problem

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