Wedding colors?

So I'm planning my wedding celebration for next year and I'm still looking at colors. I want a cool color, a warm color, and an accent metallic. I'm pretty shitty at matching things though so some help would be nice, lol. Right now I've got three really good options in mind:

Mint blue, peach pink, and gold
Emerald, coral, and silver (or copper!)
Navy, blush pink, and silver

What do you guys think?

Oh, and we're doing this outside at a ranch or mountain lodge in July. :)
Please feel free to add your ideas! I'm open to ANYTHING and I swear I'm no Bridezilla. Haha


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  • well first, CONGRATS! what an exciting time for u :)
    okay well I'm so glad i came across this question. the idea i like most is the last one, but if i may, i wanna suggest some others.

    lilac, peach and silver. simply pretty.
    deep blue, red and silver. adventurous.
    baby blue, lemon yellow and silver. so cute.

    now when it comes to gold, i personally think white is the best match. since gold is already 'warm', placing it with other colours will look weird, whereas silver is easier because it's 'neutral'.

    so stuff like emerald, white, gold. beautiful
    aqua, white, gold. stunning.
    red, white, gold. classy.
    purple, white, gold. elegant.

    u see?

    • LOVE this answer, thank you so much!

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    • Heck yeah, thank you! I'll definitely keep you in mind if I have another design dilemma. :)

    • thanks hun xx

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  • I'd go for mint blue, peach pink and gold. I mean, mint blue and peach pink are some of my favourite colours anyway so I'm kinda biased but your wedding is also in July, y'know? I feel like emerald and navy would be too dark for a summer wedding and lighter colours may suit that and the setting more :) (Congratulations by the way!)

  • I like the second set sounds the best, though I think silver would work with them better than copper in my opinion!

  • I like emerald, coral and copper! Sounds wonderful!

  • My first opinion would be who cares but wutever..

    Id go with
    Navy, light pink, -silver optional
    2nd with copper
    1st -maybe gold🙄