Should a man divorce his wife if he feels like she doesn't listen to him as much, since women divorce men for that reason?

Women initiate divorce cause they feel like he's not on the same page as her, do you think men should do the same thing to their wives if she's not listening to her?

It shouldn't seem like he's a jerk for doing that, all because it's rare for a man to want a divorce. Society is use to women filing for divorce to which now it has become common, even though he was a great husband and provider for the kids. I see that as a double standard if the guy get's slam by people if he calls his marriage a quit.

  • A.) yes she should divorce her
  • B.) No he shouldn't divorce her
  • C.) Women also shouldn't divorce their husbands due to disagreements
  • D.) Women should divorce their husbands due to him not listening
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Actually I'm into B and C options.
    B) Why he shouldn't divorce her because it can be fixed. Talk honestly, gently, and assured her that marriage life needs commitment and trust each other. If she's still stubborn, assured her again and again. Every problem can be solved.
    C) Why women shouldn't divorce their husbands due to disagreements because, like my opinion about B option, it can be fixed. Oh, and it's very childish! OMG everybody have their 'character', their points of view, so there is no person that same with another purely. People can disagree each other and inside a marriage it can be a 'supplement' to open their mind for people who have sincerity, not to destroy the bound. Divorce is just for couples that don't have strong commitment.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you're not happy in your marriage and your partner isn't trying to help, then you should get a divorce. It doesn't matter why.

    You may also what to clarify your pronouns there OP.

    • he needs to add more details too, like nothing descriptive or in all caps, makes it seem like a normal marriage to the reader

    • As long as you can read my question then it shouldn't matter.

    • @hazoplmeught you just feel like you need a woman to complete you in life, knowing women don't feel the same way about men to complete them

      That's why you made that comment because you don't like my question

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, he can if he wants too.

  • women shouldn't do that either