Is he a narcissist?

Normally he's a pretty lax guy. But it seems lately his temper is hanging by a thread and waiting at an opertunity to jump.


Standing there having a conversation about going somewhere far with the kids at my grams.
He starts off saying in a completely lax way normal way.

Him: so i was thinking we could go and drop all that off with the kids at grams.

Me relaxed :but i dont want to leave the kids long. (Smile)

Him yelling: you know what never mind forget it u dont even care. Why u always gotta do that? Im done alking to you.

Me: (completely stunned and confused) what? What did i do? Are u kidding me right now? Whats the matter with you?

He refuses he did wrong.

Then today he writes me

Him: You are my sunshine. Xoxoxoxo
Me: lol ok u r my sunshine xoxox
Him: :(
Me: what?
Him: you are MY sunshine.
Me: ok i believe you!
Him: you are never serious thats hurtful, why must u do that?
Me: u sent a sad face, why send a sad face i was being serious your my sunshine also. Why u have to be so negitive.
Him: i was being loving , you put me in a bad mood thats why the sad face. Hurtful.
You made fun of me , and put me in a bad mood but yet im in the wrong? This dont add up.

Anyways it goes on from there the last message is just the kicker.

Him: ok yell at me all over somthing simple. U created a monster , u didn't even appologise drink some coffee and chill.


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  • Sounds to me like someone's feeling unloved and isn't sure how to communicate that and someone else unaware of that persons feelings finds their behavior confusing and responds by either being dismissive or defensive.


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  • Sounds like a total sociopath no joke. I'd run the other direction lol. Probably a little overwhelmed and emotionally conflicted in general

  • None of this makes any sense, lol.


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  • Is this over texr ir in person. there's a big difference

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