Would u GaG family come to my marriage as I Live in india?

Would u GaG family come to my marriage as i Live in india ?
I always have a huge crush on her. Her dad again Poster in our unit. She met me in the library. But never have guts to say love u lol

The girl sitting on the rock. I Know which place it is a rock garden in chandigardb


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  • no because it would be way to far to go over to India cause it would probably be a eight hours plain ride and also I don't no you that well


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  • just take the leap man. it'll be worth it

    • She come outside in the eveaning on her cycle. I want to talk but i am shy

    • I'll tell you what I tell myself before I get under heavy weights or put on my gloves

      Ain't nothin' to it but to do it.

    • I will try but i will tell u one funny thing as she is a officer daugher. She come to the labrary i was like will u be ma friend haha. I ask oh this book i have read as she have a book. She ask me about the book i said i forgot haha she said its New in the market. This happen before 2 year when she study with me as she Live near to me as we never talked

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  • Well, when are you getting married?

    • Well I like the way u ask. As your username is serious lol but yes soon but yes I appreciate your question

  • No lol no way.