Which reason MAY cause break up the most?

1) different religions as Mulsim and Christian. This may be a problem because a Christian has to become a muslim for marrying her/him
2) different cultures. for example Indian and Canadian.
3) distance (when one of them has to move to his/her beloved one's country but sometimes they can't
4) social inequality. (when a rich guy and a porr girl wants to get married)
5) paren'ts don't agree their union (maybe becausethey think he/she is
not a good wife/husband material

Now it is easier to marry whoever you want but many decades ago forbidden love was very common

  • different religions
  • different cultures (conservative and modern)
  • distance
  • social inequality (poor and rich couple)
  • parents don't agree their union
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  • 50% of divorce filings in tge us last year had the word Facebook in them so I'm going with that


What Guys Said 2

  • None of these. Either incompatible personalities, lack of communication, or problems in the bedroom.

  • The most common reason for me was lack of respect. Most women can't seem to control themselves and make impositions unless the man constantly fights back and who needs that?


What Girls Said 3

  • These two were the reasons why I am single at the moment: Distance, and Parents disagreed with the Union.
    I would say that above all that Distance is the #1 reason people break up. Whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or all of the above, distance prevents the relationship from growing into anything more than it is now, and it alone can cause tension. Parents disagreeing with the union, I found out is only bad if you give in to the pressure, or if you still rely on them, like if you live with them. But honestly, it's not the #1 reason, maybe the fourth. Technically, money shouldn't matter in a relationship, but unfortunately some people give money too much power (thus resulting in a power struggle.) However, I do not think that this is the #1 reason. I think it's the third. Now, I think that the different cultures is in the same category as different religion, but definitely I think different religions can tear a couple apart more so than cultures, because it's hard to be with someone who doesn't just believe what you do. So to me, it's the second reason.

  • in that situation if anything itd be the stress of distance.
    Religion- no faith is perfect. I know mine isn't. I know very little of muslim faith. I won't try to be something im not but id be open to exploring the religion, -give it a chance.
    Cultures- im young.. not completly decided. Still comparing viewpoints
    Distance- hope i wouldn't let the stress of loving someone far away get to me. Itd be hard but id give it an honest shot.
    broke- thats why i will work. My Lower financial status doesn't mean im entitled to anything. Getting involved with his money will only cause tension or complicate things. Ill Support myself and contribute what i can to our future.
    Parents- I respect my parents and their beliefs and opinions but i make decisions for myself, not haste nor biased.

    I think one must be open minded in a relationship. Not manipulated or completely swayed by the person... but willing to step in their shoes and see it from their perspective. Id be willing to give it an honest effort if i were him or her.

  • I think different religions causes break-ups a lot.