I want to tell him I love him

I met a guy about a year ago and we've become close, he says I'm special, not like anyone else he knows, that I'm the only person to challenge him and he values my opinion and he has told me things he has not told anyone else. We text and chat almost everyday we see each other regularly.

We have both lived with our partners for five years. He says people keep asking him why he hasn't proposed to his girlfriend and he told me it's because something is missing, but on another day he said he saw his future as being with her and he wanted to really work on his relationship...and still he comes and sees me and talks to me, texts, emails etc

He is not like anyone else I have ever met and I just don't know what to do. I fear one day he will turn up and tell me he has proposed and I know my heart will break, I'm thinking if I tell him I love him then my heart will be broken but at least I am the one doing it... :'(

Meeting him and our relationship has been a complete surprise to me, I never expected it and yet I really can't describe how I feel except to say that I absolutely love him and I will never forget him.


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  • He just wants to be friends, the mental attraction between you is high, trust communication ect you maybe tempted to enter into a relationship but both of you already are...


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