How do you find all the extra work of marriage worth it?

What makes people find all the extra work involved with being married worth it?

I enjoy my single life, but people keep giving me a hard time about it. I don't care about that so much as it makes me wonder why I don't feel the urge for it like others.

When I was younger, occasionally I'd fantasize about it because of feeling "in love" ... But now, I don't get it. Twice the housework, more than twice the cooking, obligations to do what your partner wants for entertainment, sex dictated by your partner's desires moreso than your own, in-laws, arguments, losing the ability to choose so many things for yourself, etc.

What am I missing here? (Aside from kids - I understand how marriage can be a sacrifice for their good, of course).


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  • I have no idea. Maybe because they feel like soul mates and love each other so much that everything else is totally worth it.

  • What is all these twice nonsense. If your living on your own yourr doing 100% of the work.

    A marriage is suppose to be a partnership - meaning you share half the responsibilities and make compromises. If you feel like your doing everything than you need to work out a schedule of responsibility every other day he cooks, you cook, And clean and so on. As for entertainment and sex you need to wither have both of you partake in each other's entertainment and desires or agree to have time away from each other to do your own thing. And find a compromise for how much sex you should have.

    If this isn't working on your own, i would think you need to see a specialist. Marriage should be more than just work.

    • I can't see many guys going for a schedule of chores. Where I live, the woman is expected to do most or all the housework, cooking, family shopping and childcare... While also working.

      It's hard to picture anything else as reality.