His 4 biggest needs, her 4 biggest needs?

I read this article on the website "family share" and I agree to almost all the points. What do you people think?


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  • Interesting article!

    I actually only fully agree with point 4. I never really had the problem of not feeling safe in my own home. At the same time, my home is the place where I come to relax and be at ease. 'Peace' is a good word to describe it.

    Now, point 1 though 3 are all quite wrong for me. I will walk through them in order.
    Point one says that women value the phrase "I love you" more while men desire respect in the for of phrases such as "Thank you". While respect certainly is important, it is very important to me that my partner lets me know that they love me, more important than a mere show of respect.

    Point two goes into the bedroom and states a often repeated stereotype for men, that they want more sex than women. I personally feel that this isn't necessarily true for me. I value intimacy and 'sensitivity', as the article puts it, more than frequency. Quality over quantity. Full disclosure, I am a virgin, yet I am fairly certain this does not cloud my judgement in this context.

    Then finally, point three, which talks about communication. I talk a lot. I have had dozens of conversations lasting deep into the night, easily lasting hours on end. While talking, I don't need a separate activity to 'open up more' as the article states. For course, this is the case for me personally and I am sure (some) other men do prefer an activity while talking.

    I am curious what you think about my opinion on this!

    • I agree that the article makes some generalizations (the writer seems to admit that himself) and you may perfectly differ from the arguments made! I am also not a good and open communicator and dont talk that much as opposed to the writer's article!

  • correct 100%

  • Seems to make sense , to bad my wife didn't want to bother working on our marriage and started cheating instead or I would have tried all those things he said

    • I am sorry to hear that!

    • It's ok, financial problems destroyed it too , something that's not covered much with problems in marriages too but will end them

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