How Are The Scandinavian Men?

I want to marry with a Scandinavian man. How are them? Which Scandinavian country is the most suitable for this?

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland? This will be gay marriage.
How Are Their Personal Qualities?


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  • Okay, I'm from Sweden, grandparents from Finland and Norway, I live in Denmark and my neighbour is Icelandic if you ask us we are very different, we drink a lot of alcohol, we follow the law of Jante (to stick to the norm, not showcase money etc) we all split the bills equally and say yes to gay-marriage. Oh and we are all homo sapiens just as well people in UK, USA, South Africa, Paraguay, etc etc


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  • Alexander Skarsgård is gorgeous. That's all I know about them lol.

    • Yes I know they are handsome. How are their personal qualities? I want to learn this.

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