How long had you been together with your SO when you got engaged?

If you want, add info like if you had been living together before, how long you known each other before you got together, whom asked or what ever

  • 1 year or less
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  • 2-3 years
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  • 4-5 years
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  • 5+ years
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  • Little over a year but I was 30 and she was 28 and already been married with kids so she already knew what she wanted, I think back now that I should have waited longer but everything was moving so fast in a good way and it was my first time so I didn't know any better but now I'm divorced so you just never know if it's right

    • Good answer, less of the like for you getting a divorce. Better luck next time! :)

    • Well after what I have been through I don't think I'll do that again and I'm still paying child support for the kids we had together for the 4 and a half years so a broke man that had kids is never desirable I'm finding out

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  • not engaged but it has been 3.5 years and it won't be until the next 2-6 years. I thoroughly believe in living together for numerous years before marriage.