Do you think it's possible prove someone's doubts and judgments completely wrong and change their minds about what they perceive as bad or wrong?

Recently me and my girlfriend figured out that she is pregnant and will most likely be due February 2016. I really got to thinking about the judgments that we will get from a lot of people. In some ways it scares me, but in most ways it gives me motivation to prove people wrong about their judgments and possible doubts that my girlfriend and I will be able to make it through in life together. We have informed our parents and it seems like both our sets of parents have great doubts about her and I will (one) stay together and (two) do well in life. To add onto that, me and my girlfriend have made plans on how we will succeed and do well in life. Yes, it may be hard at first, but that is what motivates me to do well. Which in return will make her and I's life a whole lot easier.

What I am asking of the GaG community is, do you think it is possible to change what people expect to happen with my girlfriend and I so that they see we have a good chance to succeed. Also, how do you think I could talk to my parents about the situation without getting into a possible argument or altercation? Is it better to just act like nothing is happening, around my parent. Or is it better to talk to them about what my life plans are now (even though they do not know a whole lot about teenage pregnancy?

I thank everyone in advance that gives me some advice on what to do, even if it's not related to the questions i asked. It's really quite scary looking at all the possible directions that my life can go, and it will help to have some knowledge going into my own life. Thank you!!


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  • As a woman who went through this last year, let me save you therapy and tears by making this clear.
    One, you need to understand that you cannot please everyone. Yes, you can change their minds, and I think that telling them what your plans are might help.

    Two, stay positive. Do NOT let them cause you to doubt yourself.

    And finally, if they continue to naysay, block them out of your mind, and focus on your girlfriend and your child.

    You can do this!

    Good luck!
    Best wishes! :)


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  • Yes.

    • Do you think that i could show people they were wrong about her and I? Also, that they maybe should have given us a chance before placing judgments on us?

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