Am I the only one that has gone through life thinking that an engagement ring and the wedding ring were the same thing?

So apparently engagement rings are literally just for the proposal and the actual ring a girl wears when married is completely different. How the hell do people afford all that?


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  • Wait i didn't know that either lol. What happens to the engagement ring? Is it rented until marriage lol.

    • No apparently you just bought them a fucking ring that has no other purpose than to propose. It's not used in the wedding ceremony or nothin.

    • They probably invented it to make more money.

      'Hey we have our engagement ring collection so you can remember this special occasion'
      'This is our wedding ring collection'
      'Our birthday ring collection'
      'Our new years eve collection'
      'First sex ring collection'
      'Anniversary ring collection'
      'Oh and our newest collection is the lets rip off our husband ring collection'

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