The "I Do" game, wanna play😃?

The rule's are :
You may tag another user and ask them to marry you however you wish. They must reply with"I Do", but that user can not have been previously asked before... if so they respond with"Happily Married/Just Married" if they are engaged or "Cold feet" if they aren't interested in your proposal (tough luck kidπŸ˜‚). When this happens you tag another until someone wants you back lol. If you don't agree with a marriage you can write"I OBJECT" all dramatic and πŸ’© like how I willπŸ˜‚Cause I'm a HATER😏

  • Yes, if they refused... they'll go MISSING😐
  • No, I can't even commit to my Spotify account, Afro.
  • Meowwwwwwwwwww
  • Wedding crashing is more my style kid😎
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by the way ummmm @justbanANNAz & @Jwhit can't play 😠 y'all know why😂
Lmao I love and wanna party with EVERYONE who chose the FurBall lifestyle for sure😂☺ y'all A ok in my book👌


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