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I have been seeing this guy for about a month. He is not the hottest guy ever but I am attracted to him and his personality makes him cuter. He is sweet to me and I see things going in the right direction. I am just worried because I always seem to screw something up. I've been single for so long I almost forgot how a relationship happens. And my last relationship was when I was 18-22 and we were engaged and he cheated on me. He was the first and only person I loved. I am over him, I mean its only been three years. But its like I get stuck. I have been on lots of dates, was strung along buy many guys. It just seems I must do something wrong cause they end up disappearing. All that has got me feeling like I'm not good enough, so when something is going right I am thinking when is it going to go bad. So this is not really a question just wondering if anyone has felt this way before. And how do you put those doubt away and know you are good enough?


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