Unique wedding dresses: your thoughts?

Girls: would you wear a non traditional dress to your wedding?
Guys: do you prefer traditional wedding dresses or are unique designs just as beautiful?

Some examples:

Unique wedding dresses: your thoughts?

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  • I'm not a fan of them.
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  • I'm not a fan of those dresses in particular no. If I got married, I wouldn't mind wearing a more non-traditional dress. But those you posted are ugly. I'm more into the sleek, classy, minimalist look than the overly pompous, cake-y, "my dress goes on for 13 yards" kind of look. They look so heavy, impractical and chaotic.
    The first one looks like it has small poops all over the back.
    The second one is the most ok one out of them all but again, I don't like the concept of having to drag your dress across the floor. It'll just get dirty.
    The third one... what even is that? Looks too heavy. It's too big. And there's too much going on.
    The fourth one, again, I don't like the concept of dragging your dress instead of actually wearing it. I don't like the cake-look either.
    The fifth one, same as everything I've already mentioned. Plus I wouldn't look good in the mermaid cut.


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  • why does it always have to look so aristocratic?

    • Well they don't they're just examples

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    • no i dont care for a wedding.

    • Ah oki then :)

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