Girls, Which of these engagement rings do you like better?

Neither of them features a solid diamond, but a cluster of smaller ones... frankly, I can't afford a larger diamond, not with the other expenses I'm anticipating in connection, let alone looking ahead to a down payment on a house. Trying to keep the cost of the ring itself below $1,200 (the first is $1,000, the second is $800). Also, she's graduating from medical school very soon, thought it would be better to find something which didn't stand up high above the finger, something she could wear while working at the hospital.

Would you think a ring like this looked cheap? I'm a bit nervous about this.

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  • I like the design of the top one and would be delighted to receive it if that helps.
    just go with what you can afford. my wedding set cost less than $200.00 and I chose them. if she loves you the amount spent on the ring will not be important.
    Good luck for your future :)

    • Thank you!

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    • no it was my engagement ring and my wedding ring the total for both was $200.00

    • why don't you casually go look at some together

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  • OMG THIS IS SO CUTE! i love that second one! honestly man, neither of those looks cheap to me. they're both beautiful, but the second has more charm.

    congratulations :)

    • Thanks. This will be something of a surprise for her, we're long-distance, she's graduating the same week.

      The second one, I wish I could show a side view, but it isn't actually solid all the way through. It's like an elevated platform. Biggest thing I had against it. The first isn't actually purple, that was poor lighting.

    • aww :)
      oh dont worry i've seen a few, so i get u. i still think that's nice because it's not overdone.
      yeah I'm sure the first is just the lighting. look man in the end u know her best, and in the end, it's about which one u can best imagine on ur girl's hand. =] just take ur time with it and enjoy it.

  • B looks nice, I think you should go with that one if you want it to look bigger. A is simple small and classic looking. I really like it a lot more if you aren't going for the the raised look. I'm voting A. I have a raised ring with a large sapphire in the middle that catches on everything. A seems less hazardous for a hospital.

  • B 😍😍 and I really dont think the price is important, she would love it even if u got it for 1$ XD

  • I like A because of design, but B looks more traditional. Both are gorgeous- congratulations, by the way! :)

  • I like the second 😊