I don't think I'm meant for marriage?

I'm independent and don't think I could handle sharing money with someone or not having the privacy of my own room, and I feel it would be weird if I went off alone at random. I did fall in love with my friend and I still love him but things didn't work out and I don't think I could love anyone like I loved him.

I know a lot of couples do things separately at times but my parents say it's not a good idea, yet I would want that independence and time apart... or maybe I'm just bad at commitment. Even with my friend and I, I love him to death and I was heartbroken when we couldn't be a couple (I still love him) and as much as I could sit and talk to him all night, there were occasions where I needed some space. I also tend to get irritated if I'm around the same person for too long (except him... I only really needed space when we fought, but occasionally other times). I'm not a very open person either. As much as I'd want to marry and start a family I don't think it's for me. Is this weird/wrong?
I don't think I'm meant for marriage?
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