Get married or not?

Ok ladies and gentlemen what is your take on relationship let say you and your partner been together for years you both have rings and call each other husband and wife but you guys are not married on paper because you don't want to deal with if things don't work out you won't have the hardship of divorce you guys can just go your separate ways. reason I asked about talked about this subject is because I'm currently talking to this guy he has been married once and is divorced as for me I never been married only engaged. he knows what it's like to be divorced so he doesn't want to go through that again. I don't know how I feel if I want be with someone the rest of my life who doesn't want to be married legally.


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  • The problem I see her is this guy really seems to be a bit greedy and mean to you.

    First, in the interest of openness, I will say I am very conservative, and believe that if your planning to live as a married couples, you should have the paper first, but I know that this isn't the norm anymore. So I will leave that part of this question out of my response.

    Anyway, pretending that marriage has no economic implications is blatantly false. There are several financial pros and cons compared to living the single life or as romantic roommates. Most the time when someone, like the guy, doesn't want to get married again, it's because he doesn't want to have to worry about taking care of is responsibilities of the marriage ends. It has noting to do with "feelings" as you feel the same way when you split up or divorce. That is why I think it sounds greedy. He doesn't want to do the right thing and take care of his responsibilities. He's hoping to have only the good stuff, and leave all the bad stuff for you if the relationship ends.

    If you want a good list of the pros and cons compared to living the single life go to


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  • trust me u do want to be married legally it's a protection for u unless u like risking getting pregnant with his babies and he comes out clean of it and leaving u.