Am I too young to get married?

Me and My boy have been together a year he is 18 and I am 16 and we have been promised for 6 months and our parents approve and OK if we want to and we have talked about it but not decided officially I we want to make the engagement official. He is a senior and I am a junior this year and we have been debating on whether to wait till he's in college or both of us are but we have been happy no major issues. But I'm also not sure if We am too young to be getting married...


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  • yes you are too young and the reality is young marriges don't work out a lot of the time


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  • 16 and promised for 6 months ? And this?: link

    And this?: link

    Huh? Considering marriage? Wait a few years.

    • Wow very intelligent find and ya he's right wait a few years

    • Wow very very good you found I was cheating on him... and ur pleasure in finding that flaw is... I've stopped and he knows about it so no matter

  • If its legal in your state no problem, otherwise have to wait. You can wait their is no rush, a lot of things can happen before it happens, so take your time

  • yes


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