Help me I am in LDR now?

I live in France my girlfriend patents moved to Canada. Now she come here on holiday now I can see her not for long. She is 16 . I want to marry when she get 18 . she turn 17 on February. She said that I can also come to Canada. So how I can go there and settle with her. Its too hard for me now. Please help me she don't want to live in France. She want me to come Canada and settle there. So please gager tell me how it works.

@Paris13 help me please


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  • LDR are One of the Hardest Ones to Have and to Uphold of any, @Anilkumar3277 and it Takes Two special people to make the time and the Effort to Keep the Flames Going and Flowing.
    You would need to go see your Embassy and make an Attempt and Begin the Process of Inquiring the Correct Measures in Getting what you need to to go to Canada. This is the Best from the Rest way to Begin your Beguine of at least Being able to go over to See your girl, for Seeing one another is very important in a LDR, and without doing this, at least from time to time, a relationship can Go and Grow dead in the water.
    For now, enjoy your time with her in your own country. Talk things over while you are face to face. And as you both site see, 'See' what plans you can make, Compromises.
    If you love one another, Love will find a way.
    Good luck. xx

    • You know Paris my life was going weird. I just trying to make this one work she want too she know before one. So she want to help me for every thing she said she is citizenship of Canada as she is from France she live in Canada more then 10 years.

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    • Haha true so i am ganna tag you on her profile picture

    • lol Okay, sweetie. xx

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  • She's a bit young., if you want to move to Canada look up Canadian citizenship. Visit an Embassy.

    • Do you think she can help me

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    • Goodluck man

    • Yeah thanks I hope she come and live with me. the area is new for her that why she like Canada