If a wife confeses to her husbnd (who was virgin) that she lied about al her past life (sex, relationships, ONS, etc) before maraige how shud he deal?

Will the husband world will be shaken by it as he married someone who is not like what she pictured herself before, n will he be treated as henpacked in relationship forever. What if he happen to meet her exes some day? How would he face them and the embarresing situation that those people knew evrything about his wife. ofcourse had he been non virgin himself he cud get over the fact, but what about this case? Simply asking please explain the opinions frends.


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  • i think that the wife shouldn't have about her past... lying to someone who loves you obviously cause a lot of pain


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  • In a perfect world he'd throw her ass to the curb, in reality that husband is stuck. He divorces her he'd lose half his crap who knows even alimony. Its not always clear if the girl is promiscuous, she is good at good girl act or simply lied and husband bought it.

    That's why you should do your homework before sticking your dick in her and ALWAYS get a prenup.

    • Ri8 bro.. but its harto catch before... world is full of actors

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    • @MrAssHat hahaha dudee Lol

    • its what i should have done before i lost my ass in the divorce haah

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