Sould I stay or go?

hello everyone. I'm very hurt! :(

Its been two years of wonderful relationship between me and this guy. We were one of a kind...always doing thing together, passion, love, jokes, great sex life...everything was perfect. From nowhere he told me he wants to take a brake because he miss his life before me, carefree lifestyle, his friends and just single life with out relationship responsibilities. I was desperate because I couldn't believe after all that he would ever say anything like that..i was his number one always and the most important thing out there...he was even talking about engagement. I was crying couldn't help it, in front of him..i was begging him not to leave he took me back but he wasn't the same...i couldn't feel affection from his side so after 3mnts he told me the same thing again..he can't be with me...he tells me he loves me, he always will..he just needs life on his own. I did let him go but after 5 days he called me to tell me that he loves me and he wants me back. What to do? He keeps on playing with my feelings :(


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  • well he is playing with your heart, but I agree with simple. give him another chance, he probably didn't realize what he had until he lost it. also id talk about how to make things work. obviously he wants a little more freedom and do more things. I'm not saying let him do whatever he wants but also tell him somethigns you would like to change or something that's been bothering you for awhile. its all about communication. you guys just need to talk. that's it. pour out both your feelings.


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  • Maybe he has commitment issues, or he feels smothered, or he has found someone else he wants to have sex with for a little while then come back to you...

    • He doesn't even know himself why he feels the way he does from no where, all he tells me that he is missing things from before and wants to live care free, yet he loves me and doesn't know which way to go .. I was always so good to him, never fought, very fun outgoing person.. I have no one to talk to so this means a lot to me! Thank you!!

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  • Why not give him another chance? Sometimes people are just wrong and if you really loved him you would allow him to make mistakes. I say forgive him this time, as long as you're sure he's sincere about wanting to be with you.

    But I would only let him make this mistake ONCE.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you guys! The problem is that he doesn't know what he wants or why he feels that way. So how can I know :(?! I'm going to try to make the best of it but I'm scared to get hurt again. Its hard when someone you love doesn't love you like he use to..and wants life without you but yet he doesn't wanna let you go. Very confusing.. I'm gonna try to keep him, makim him happy..I'll go from there..I just bought cavs tickets for this friday, little suprise for him..i dk if this is good either that I'm giving