Unhappy Marriage! Do you relate?

I feel very unhappy in my Marriage like a lot of other couples. Many people stay Married for the sake of their Children. Which is my situation.
Have any of you left being in an unhappy marriage and how did you cope and how did your children handle it?
Or who is still in a Marriage for the sake of their children? How do you feel etc?
I am in my early 30s with two children. I feel if i wait until in in my late 30s im worried i will find it hard to find another partner in the future. But also now i have two children and even though im in my early 30s i feel it will be extremely hard to find a partner since i have two children. I am just thinking about how hard it would be to find a partner if i left.


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  • Have you tried actually working for whatever conflicts are there in your marriage?

    The reason why divorce rate is so high is because people these days feel so entitled that they deserve something for nothing and never want to put any effort

    Marriage and children are great things, what your life would be like without them? Could you feel happy growing old alone with no stable partner, with no one carrying your heritage after your time?

    Go to a marriage counselor

    You have a good point however, it is not only about you, it is also about the well being of your children, none of them ever like when their parents split

    • Great advice. Even though he is negative at times and we argue sometimes he is a decent person and will do anything for me. It is hard to find a guy these days with good morals and who will take your moodiness and still love you. He doesn't drink Alcohol and doesn't smoke which I like. A lot of guys these days love to get drunk which I hate. It is extremely hard to trust people also and takes time to establish if they are being real with you. The thought of starting a new relationship, trying to make it work and working out who they are is horrible. Its taken me a long time to figure out my husband and the thought of re doing it again is stressful.

    • Then you have a good husband. You said he is negative at times, a counselor should find a solution.

      My aim was to convince you that it is absolutely worth to try fixing it.

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  • This is me. I was unhappy, I have 2 kids and all is well. I divorced him 2 years ago. He's a good guy, just not for me.

    My kids are doing just fine too. I think as long as you are able to keep the split amicable the kids do a lot better.

    What's weird though is my ex has a girlfriend who does seem nice and decent ( thank god) and I'm happy for him. I really am. The thing that's weird is another woman spending time with my daughter (my son is older and has a life). It feels weird and I feel a little jealous to be honest. I am thankful that she's decent and I can't stop her from seeing/spending time with my daughter when she's with her dad. (we have 50/50 custody)

    I think for the reason stated above ^^^^ people stay in a bad marriage. I just can't live like that and my ex deserves someone who wants him too.

    • I told my husband im not happy today. We agreed to spend more time together etc.
      He is such a negative person. I told him it effects me so be more positive and get a hobby. Things became worse when his mother stayed with us for a while. She lives overseas. Thankfully she is gone..
      We have been separated before. Its weird how life works. As soon as we got back together a guy whom i was seeing in the past contacted me.. and he was awesome. If i waited 2 more months than my story now would be different. Anyhow i can't change the past.
      If i leave him than my Son won't be in contact with his family as much and he loves them..

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  • That is the dumbest of all reasons to stay in a bad marriage. The kids you're both miserable and don't like seeing you unhappy. By staying in you're doing more harm to yourselves and the kids

    • Yeah I understand. But its hard to Leave when my husband makes it hard to leave. And now as we have a daughter will make it even harder.
      Then there is also the financial pressure of living alone. Thats why im studying to get a better job and i can earn more money.

    • I was actually happy when my parents divorced and my son told me he wished his mother and I had divorced sooner

  • Don't put it on him just because you got horny over some guy


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  • You should never stay in an unhappy marriage just because of children. That's not a good environment for the children. Divorce. There's plenty of people out there.