What is your opinion of marriage?

I've recently been reading a lot of negative comments about the idea of marriage, so I was wondering what everyone thought of it?

In my opinion, I think it`s a wonderful and romantic thing and ever since I can remember I've wanted to get married.

What do you think?


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  • Marriage is the best thing that ever happened to me. Here's why:

    1) I love my wife more than anything and would never want to spend my life with anyone else

    2) Heaven knows why, but my wife loves me. You find a girl like that and you hold onto her forever.

    3) She's an amazing mother and partner - again, I want to keep that forever.

    Here's what marriage is:

    1) A strong mutual support system. We support and help each other and we can always depend on each other.

    2) We have someone to share life's experiences with. Life is always better when you can share it.

    3) Really, really, really good and exciting sex pretty much anytime we want it.

    Marriage is also...

    1) Hard. It takes work. I love my wife and we enjoy romance - but don't confuse romance (the action and the fun) with romantic (the ideal). We share romance in our marriage, but I would not call marriage romantic.

    2) Temptations abound. It would be so easy to cheat. Why don't I? I love my wife and don't want to. Why doesn't she? I have no f***ing idea.

    3) It's easier to leave. But worth it to stay.

    4) There is no such thing as "communicating without words". If you don't communicate - truly communicate - WITH words, the marriage is doomed.

    In short - would I recommend marriage? Abso-f***ing-lutely. But only with the right person. How do you know you've found the right person? Heh... if I could answer that, I'd be rich. I just knew... but I knew in a different way than for the previous girls I "knew" I loved.

    For reference: I'm 38... married 8 years (together for 9).


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  • Girl opinion of marriage depends on person to person you know?

    people who love their wife and like to take responsibilities love their married life and the other irresponsible and whore loving dolts out there hate marriage.

    To me marriage if carried out well is the best that a person could ever have,u always have some1 who would take care of you some1 who would never let you down,some1 who would always believe in you even if you are a loser!

    The best thing is that that some1 does all these things in return of nothing!

    So to make a marriage beautiful we gotta make it successful and to make it successful you will have to do the best for ur partner.

    • I like how you accuse those who are not in favor of marriage as being irresponsible, and whore loving. Not at all judgmental or closed-minded at all.

    • If you can read well then I mentioned that other persons who are irresponsible and whore loving hate marriage it does not mean all people who hate marriage are the same.


      no my friend there can be many other reasons,i am well aware of that,maybe I could not express my thoughts well,i am sorry for that ma friend if I have insulted your thoughts,really didn't mean it like that.I am sorry.

  • My opinion of marriage is that is an unnecessary legally binding contract, with nothing particularly romantic about it, save the 'fairy tale' image many people have of it, that merely serves to benefit the woman, in the task of taking everything the man has when she decides she wants a divorce. No thanks. If I love someone, I don't need to get married to them to prove that. Unfortunately, someone came up with the idea of commonlaw marriages, which force you into a 'marriage' even if you don't make the choice to get married.


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  • Personaly Marrige to me is a beautiful bond between 2 people who want to prove to each other its only them. no one else.

    I would never get married personaly. Just don't like the thought of having to pay for a damn divorce :P

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