My boyfriend (ok we are in our 40's) mentions getting married but has never asked-why doesn't he just propose?

I was married for 15 years, been divorced for 4. He has never been married. We consider ourselves committed and talk about growing old together. Even though I've only known him a year I would say yes if he asked but he just mentions it like "when we get married..blah blah. I have few things to dream off at this point, I'm 45 and my only child is in high school..i would like s friggin real proposal so I don't really respond to his off hand comments. Marriage would require one of us relocating and dealing with my son and some other difficulties, but I just want a ring and that "moment" you think he thinks just talking about it makes it so? or is he testing the waters?


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  • It just sounds like he has no need to rush to get married. It sounds like it would take effort on both your parts, and it's easier for him to procrastinate (assuming he really does want to get married).