Good proposals?

I want to hear all the details on ur proposal!!!


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  • I was standing on the edge of a cliff with my bitch viewing a romantic lookout when suddenly, I pushed her off! But I caught her arm before she plummeted to her death and as I held her life in my grasp I asked her "bitch, will you marry me?" And I was recording it with my phone in the other hand and she said "what the fuck! Help me!" and I said if she doesn't say she'll marry me, I will let her die and I asked her again "bitch will you marry me?" and she screamed yes.
    Then I deleted the first recording that had all the stuff about killing her and kept the second one and then pulled her up.


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  • Way too long to write. But we wanted something intimate so he took me to a natural garden that had peacocks, gorgeous plants and flowers and was located along a river.

    Proposed on a bridge surrounded by soft hanging trees. It was very romantic.


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  • I haven't proposed to anyone, but I have a friend planning to propose to his girlfriend soon (secret codename: Black Mamba).

    My friend is in a blues / latin rock band with me. He is the lead singer / lead guitarist. With that, his plan is to write a song about his girlfriend and their experiences (aka a love song), and he is going to surprise her with the song at the end of a gig. He is pretty decent at writing material, and I've heard a bit of it already. I can confirm it's pretty good stuff (so we won't run into an awkward cringe moment lol).

    Then, as he is singing and playing, he is basically going to walk down near the end of the song and propose to her.

    I mean, this whole proposal is probably the reason why I'm still in the band. I talked about leaving the band one time to pursue other band opportunities, but my friend asked me as a request to stay until Code Black Mamba strikes lol :)

  • Hmm never gave it much though since I'm not foolish enough to do it a 3rd time. I'm sure you'll get plenty of ideas watching romance movies. Sports fan = have them put it on the scoreboard during a game at halftime. Likes the outdoors = pay an airplane pilot to sky-write it. Etc Etc. If you can't afford those things then it's probably best to skip marriage (speaking from experience).


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