Marriage and commitment?

Hey guys, I have a question for ya!

my fiance doesn't believe in marriage. he thinks its just a ring, piece of paper and a name change... I can deal with that. he knows its important to me so he did propose and says he wants to get married in the next year or so...

But even still. I dunno if a lot of people do feel this.. but I asked him the other day "Promise me we will be together forever" and he wouldn't! he said he can't promise that. anything could happen, people can change.. it might even be me who pulls the plug one day.

so I wanted him to tell me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.. but he was still not wanting to. he said if he didn't want to be with me, he wouldn't be. if he wasn't committed he wouldn't be with me. He said he wants to marry me and have kids one day etc.. but why won't he tell me that?

We have been together 6 years.. am I acting like a 6 year old in fairy tale land wanting him to say those things?

please people, give me some insight. how many people actually do feel like that.


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  • yes I do agree with your boyfriend about marriages ... piece of paper, ring and new titles.. what changes before marriage and after? nothing so what the point...secondly I do think you are acting like the little princess in a fairly tale but at the same time I think your boyfriend should want to indulge in it with you sometime and not be "sour faced" lol

  • *whistles* Forever is a long time. He obviously loves you, or he wouldn't do somethign that he was against. Please give him some slack. it sounds like he is really trying.



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