He says he can't be around me?

We come from a conservative religious background. Both he and I have had our wild days prior to changing back to being. conservative.

He says no contact until we get married. He says I tempt him. He Says he doesn't want to get ahead of himself. Now he won't hangout with me. Our wedding date is January 2017. It makes me uneasy to not be able to see my fiance. I think its selfish of him to push me away so he won't feel tempted to screw me or masterbate. No we have not had sex. We are not Virgins. We are just born again and want to do the right thing. Don't judge our stance on religion just give constrictive advice please.

Is he sketchy?
How can you marry someone you haven't seen in months?
Other opinions too

By the time he and I met we where born again. We had both changed our ways.


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  • Nobody can answer your question because we aren't him. Without meaning to sound rude to you but this whole situation sounds sketchy, you can't just break your conservative lifestyle and then revert back to it when you feel like it.

    You'll need to contact him and lay out your concerns to him and try and get as many reassurances as you can get.

    • I should have clarified. We both sinned before we knew eachother. By the time we met we had repented and changed.

    • I would question whether you are truly conservative because I don't think you are. I am a conservative person and I have never had "wild days" and I have been in situations where it would have been easy to have followed the herd but I'll digress here as this is not about me or my opinion of your "born again" conservatism.

      You need to speak to your fiance, he may be having second thoughts or he may be trying to worm his way out of this situation.

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  • That's hella sketchy. The fact that he doesn't wanna be around you because of the temptation (?) Does that mean he only sees you as a sexual object since he can't even be around you for the sake of just wanting to enjoy your company and spending time with you?

    You guys need to talk this out and also ask yourself if that's the kind of person you wanna marry.

  • i am christian too. write me from private advice on this. i have experience.