If you could have the benefit of several different husbands, would you?

Kings had their several wives and concubines.
Queens had their several husbands and concubines.

In the modern day if you could have several husbands OR just partners without much of a fuss...
would you?

They would all support you if you need

Or if you could have children from different men of your choice...


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  • No, the bathroom would constantly be a wreck, and would smell of concentrated urine. Also, I'd have to feed multiple men. My husband already eats twice as much as me, I can't imagine the cost. Having multiple husband's just isn't good. I'd rather have multiple wives.

    • yes, imagine your three holes being filled every day, that would be one hell of chore.

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    • love you too.

    • @anonman32 Stop playing around. People like you cause others to stop posting.

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  • Definitely two but no more than three max. I have no desire to keep a hoard of men all to myself. Too much. Too greedy. I'd be in it for the emotional and psychological support. Polyandry style relationships seem to involve men with different personalities. In areas of the relationship where one is weak, the other is strong and they create a natural balance held together by a sole center point; the wife. Multiple husbands, yes. Multiple male lovers, too much work.

  • Nope. I just want one


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