Why would he ask how long my good friend dated before getting engaged is he testing my timelines?

I am dating a guy. We met online and he knows that one of my best friends is engaged from the dating site that we met in. He asked me so how long did your friend and the guy date before they got married? Is he testing my timetable?


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  • More like testing your expectations. Its no secret that women like to compare themselves. If your friend got engaged in like a year an a half, the assumption on the male side is that you would either want the same in about the same timeline or even better. He wants to know if thats your expectations so he can make an informed decision as to if its doable or you are just crazy like the rest of em.
    So... How Long BEFORE your friend became engaged then? :)

    • A year. We are all in our upper 20/s and he's 33. So that seems normal to me.

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    • So how distant should I be now?

    • there's no level that just "works"... gotta just flow. like you said (and this works) sometimes come close, sometimes pull back. You might wanna talk to him today, but you hold out till he contacts you instead. Then next time, the ball is yours.
      This is why i give disclaimers at the beginning of my relationships... so I don't have to do the worrying. Just let people know EXACTLY what to expect so they can make an informed decision if I'm worth it or they can leave (like every guy, most are open to discussion and negotiation)

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