For countries with low birth rates, can one assume that those countries will, in the future have more lenient immigrant policies?

I was wondering... in my economics class we are taught that spending drives the economy in a simple way the less people their are, this will lower overall spending... which seems to make sense. So will countries that have lower birthrates, in time allow more immigrants into the country to pick up spending in an economy?


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  • ugh, tell your economics teacher to get a brain
    simple truth:
    what are the most populous countries? India and China. Right? Right.
    Is the standard of living (the actual thing that counts) good in India and China? No. It's fucking shit. Awful, disastrous, shithole level places.

    Now, where is the standard of living good and the economy good? Switzerland, Finland, Iceland, Norway. All of these have low to very low population density. So why is it good there?
    Well because the actual economy relies on resource management. The people consume less resources... and are efficient at doing so... so its good. More people = more uncontrollable use of finite resources. Please note "finite". That means they're limited. So what happens when you have more consumers than resources? Easy... China and India happens. Huge economies... can't keep up with spending... poverty is assured.
    Got it? You don't need an "economics" class to. Tell those retards to shove their bullshit lies that fit their political agendas up where the sun don't shine.

    • China is NOT fucking shit, they're almost as rich as Brazil and Mexico per capita. India just had it's per capita INCOME per person rise by 7% yoy. So stfu about this myth that these "3rd world countries"(bs name for undecided countries in the cold war) being a crap place to live. Comparatively, yes, but the gap is collapsing.

    • @yguytff 7% of zero is fucking zero idjit, mathematics will kick your ass anytime
      they don't even know what a toilet is in most of India, China is basically a big pen of slaves, except for the filthy rich elite of course and wow... didn't know Mexico is so awesomely rich, they have to be just bored sick of all that wealth that they just want to leave that place and work as garbage men in the US for a change
      do you know anything about anything really?

  • Water moves down a mountain. So does diffusion of everything if there is no barrier