Men only bring oppression into the world?

Heard that from a self-proclaimed "feminist" going on about how men naturally always enslave the world etc. Did it ever occur to her that her right to voice her opinion was won primarily by men? Of course women's activism was nothing short of revolutionary..but consider: It's been mostly men who fought in battle so that our citizens could engage in activism at all. It was armies of mostly men who fought to free slaves, liberate Europe from the Nazi's, etc. And of course we have more women that serve today and I know I respect them just as much as all men who serve, but statements like "men only bring oppression" when men have been liberators, really gets me steamed.


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  • Well, I feel kind of torn here, because while I wholeheartedly agree with you about the statement "men only bring oppression into the world" being absolutely ridiculous and, in my opinion, just as dangerous and disrespectful as any form of misogyny, I disagree with your defence that men fought wars to liberate people. In hind sight, sure we say everyone went to war against Germany because we all knew Hitler was a horrible guy who was torturing and murdering people, but we all stood by an ignored/engaged in anti-semitism for years before that. Generally speaking, I don't see war as a benevolent or liberating source- people fight wars over territory, religion, resources, politics etc, but it usually has very little to do with activism. And even when people SAY it's about activism, it's sometimes a form of "liberation" that the people themselves aren't ready to accept or embrace. We tend to take a one-sided view of things like communism= evil/bad, democracy= benevolent/good and things are a lot more complicated than that. Which is why black and white statements such as "all men are oppressive" are pretty ridiculous and show a lack of complexity rather than intelligent contemplation of the facts.

    P.S. I don't mean to negate the role men have played (and still do) in gaining rights for oppressed people or to minimize the role any soldier plays when he/she gives up their life to serve their country- both are tremendous.

    • Righ, but my point about activism was more saying that it wouldn't be possible ifor any socia progress if our country...or europe was occupied...Hitler would definitely have thrown outspoken feminists in concentration camps. War sucks and traditonally America has tried to avoid war (though not so much today or in vietnam), but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire as a last resort.

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  • Listening to a feminists views on men is like listening to a Nazi's view on Jews or a KKK members views on black people...just don't do it.


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  • She's in the wrong, and I agree with your statements; but have you considered that most of the military won't except women or that they have more restrictions?

    Women have several things against them when trying to enlist:

    - Potential pregnancies or other health risks that men are void from

    - Distracting men from their duties by simply standing there.

    - The fact that women were originally trained to be housewives, not soldiers


    What I'm saying is that, just because she is saying "Men bring opression into the world".. doesn't give any of us the right to say that "women haven't tried to fight their own battles"

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I agree with that..I wasn't trying to say that women were reluctant to fight or that they wouldn't or nething.

    • I didn't intend on making it sound like you had spoke about that in such a way. I was just trying to point out another concept :) Thank you for clearing things up

  • Some people are just rotten people. There are racist and antisemitic women too though most of the worst crimes have been perpetrated by men. We have to remember that the line between civility and barbarism is and always was very thin. It's not hard to make people support immoral behavior whether men or women.

    But you have to remember many of these feminists remember when they were second class citizens too and if you're mistreated like that it can leave a lasting impression. She's entitled to her opinion of course but it isn't really supported by facts and should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Don't listen to her. That woman has this idealized vision of women. Sure, it's in their nature to be loving and nuturing, but women can also be ruthless. Have you ever seen two women who do not like each other and the crap they do to p*ss each other off, or to make the other one jealous? Imagine that on the world stage.

  • I agree with your statement

  • Frankly, I can't stand people like the feminist that you encountered. I have no problem with feminism, I am a feminist myself. However, it's the radical feminists, like the one you encountered, who are problematic and irrational.

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