How can I help my wife feel better?

My wife is having twins in January she's worried about having kids. She's not worried about the pain she's worried about raising them. She's afraid having kids won't keep our family together. She said it's happened to her friends and she's seen it on tv. One of her friends had a kid when they were 17 they're her age now and they're son is 8 and has a younger brother they're dad is on drugs and sells his kids stuff. They're parents aren't together but they still get to see they're dad. All 3 of her childhood friends all have kids. The oldest sister who has kids has been posting stuff online about crap her boyfriend has done. She unfriended them because she couldn't stand to see that. She was watching the show 16 and pregnant she said there's a girl on there who's her and her boyfriend keep fighting over money. She told her boyfriend if he got another speeding ticket that they're done. We don't drive my wife's brother drives us. We don't have to worry about that. But she said on the show that the girls boyfriend wouldn't even let her take the baby home he wanted it to stay with him. She doesn't know why her friends like these shows. It scares her. She's also been telling me everyday that she's afraid of losing me and our kids. How can I help her feel better?

By the way she told me after she has the twins she doesn't want anymore kids.


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  • You guys should move the hella outa that neighborhood quick as damn! That is a toxic MTV crowd and you should raise your babies someplace else.


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