Why would a man ever want to get married?

Ahh... marriage... you walk down a aisle, say a few false blessings, kiss, and then congrats you're tied to this person for the rest of your natural life. Seriously, what is the point of marriage?

Now before you wild tradcons start writing me angry comments, just consider this:

Marriage was ok I guess, in the 50s and the 60s but in today's day and age, it's nothing but pain for the average male.

During a video sent out by PragerU (which I will write a mytake on later) they said, the benefit of marriage for a man makes a man work more hours and makes a man more responsible.

Seriously? The only benefit they could find was that it made a man work more and earn more money. It's the current year, why would a man need to earn more money when married? Doesn't his wife have her own job? Shouldn't she have her own job? I mean, it IS the current year.

Another thing people constantly talk about is, children, who in the hell needs marriage to have children? Surrogacy is a better option if you want a child, because unlike marriage, you aren't eternally bonded to the woman who has your kid. To me, surrogacy is a much fairer option than marriage. The woman gets her money, and you get the kid, then you both walk away. Easy and fair deal.

Companionship? You don't need a wife for companionship. Just date, or have some friends, you don't need a legally binding contract to be happy.

Sex? Who needs marriage to have sex, it's the current year. Thanks to feminism girls can be a total S*** so why get married just to have one flavor for the rest of your life when you can spend your entire life enjoying all the flavors?

To me, marriage is a fraud. Although, I speak about MGTOW to numerous men on and off this site, I don't consider myself apart of the organization, I just see it as a good gateway for men. 50% of marriages end in divorce, some women make careers out of marriage just to divorce and collect alimony, so why would you risk half your possessions and earnings for nothing?


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  • until i met the guy i'm with now, i had no intention of ever being married. but he's always wanted it~ he was engaged twice before we met, though he never made it to the altar.

    so i asked him this question, and all he said was, "call me naive, but i believe in love".

    perfect answer. and that's why our marriage, when it happens, will be the first (and only) one for both of us. i don't need fancy things or a big party, and the idea of marrying him doesn't scare me because it won't fundamentally change our relationship... which, by the way, is easier than an updo lol.

    a good wedding and a good marriage are not the same thing, and that's the part that i think most people don't understand. as someone who comes from a family where most marriages failed before the 10-year mark, i'm aware of the risk. but it's one that, for the person i love more anything in the world, i'm willing to take.

    • Poor guy... he's such a idiot.

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    • i agree that marriage isn't needed to prove that you love someone. however, if both people in the relationship want to get married, know the risks, and are prepared to stand behind their partners "until death do you part", then go for it.

      ps: my man and i do plan on enjoying our (child-free) life together, thanks for asking. :)

    • None of this even began to answer or argue against what I said...

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  • The only man in today's world that would want to get married are those men that have been successfully brainwashed into sacrificing their lives for women - through movies, books, music and TV shows - and their heavily gynocentric upbringing from kindergarten through masters degree. Everything you see or hear put out by mass media has but one intention: the mass enslavement of men to women.

    MGTOW: Never give a women or a white knight the legal, financial, social, physical, financial or psychological power to destroy your life.

    ANTI-MGTOW: Say whatever is necessary to keep men from becoming MGTOWs, for our own sake. We need those little disposable betas to keep getting destroyed. It's good for the womenz and white knightz - dontcha know.

    Women and white knights hate beta males. Why? Because they're 'good guys'. Women and white knights look down their noses at men capable of responsibility, devotion, love, empathy and compassion. Why? Too boring. Not enough excitement. Easily manipulated. Boring, boring, boring. Plus - there's a ton of money to be made and much forced wealth transfer to be had to the benefit of women and white knights - which is why ever more anti-male laws and policies need invoking. Beta males, while the engine of society, are the scorn of the earth. They need to be kept in their place - lest women and white knights suffer.

    It's all so simple - yet so difficult to comprehend for those without a clear understanding of women's and white night's hatred of 90% of men. How does one counter their hatred? Cut off their life support - which is your eventual destruction. Sever their jugular - their hatred of betas. Simply refuse to leave yourself vulnerable to the laws, policies and social constructs they use to destroy your life. Simple, simple, simple.

    Men - if you want a good life - don't waste your resources on a woman. Stay single and stay free of the torture sure to follow signing that most man hating of contracts called 'marriage'.


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  • "Marriage was ok I guess, in the 50s and the 60s but in today's day and age, it's nothing but pain for the average male"
    What because women are no longer their obedient little slaves? Lmao sorry honey, times change 😂

  • Don't get married if you don't want to, but also don't try to bash those who want it. Plenty of marriages are happy and successful, my parents' included. I also just celebrated a relative's birthday, and he has been with his wife for 45 years now. Marriage is a fraud only to those who don't have a clue about what they're getting themselves into and have picked a partner hastily, without *truly* getting to know them on every possible level first.

  • ikR? marriage suxxxxxxxx

  • What is with all these cynical guys?


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  • Well to make it official that you're with her. So that mutual support is legally enforceable. So that cheating allows the victim to get damages. To share private property together. So that it makes a united family. So that nobody even thinks about cheating. So that the kids grow up in a healthy, stable environment. So that no SO may say we were not really together or some BS of the kind. Also there is a bunch of necessary legal effects through marriage. You usually pay less tax too than if you're single once you work. It's a moral, psychological and legal question. And there are reasons believe me. There are ways to ensure private property gets divided as it was before marriage in case of need. There's also marriage with separation of wealth. Religious couples need marriage according to their faith. Marriage isn't about sex. If you want kids they deserve a healthy home environment with a dad and a mom. Together. All the rest is BS. About jobs if the wife takes care of the kids, prepares food, goes buy it, cleans the house, it's a full time job. She does her part. So yeah the husband needs to get the money otherwise, how will the family survive? Yeah we're in 2016. Doesn't mean families shall be brittle as hell, men hunt hooker cunts and ladies lone mothers with kids to feed. That is not how I imagine the foundation of a family.

  • Why would a man marry?
    Because he is a deluded fool, who does not understand that marriage is a game of Russian roulette, in which the revolver has only two chambers. The current divorce rate is about 50 per cent. The court will give her everything, then use a child-support order to turn the man into her impoverished slave for the rest of his life.
    Courts have been known to impose support orders on a man for children who were not his, such as children who were the result of the wife's adulterous relationships.
    Then there are the standard false allegations of spousal rape, domestic violence and molestation of one's own children, which women make routinely because they think it will give them some leverage in the court.
    Watch this video for an example of what is becoming typical female behaviour.

  • the problem with mgtow is that you might end up suicidal once your T levels start to collapse.

  • because he is a middle class poor ass loser. only beta losers get married


  • If the MGTOW mission is true, its members wouldn’t even bother identifying themselves as one. Normally, when a man goes his own way, he doesn’t feel the need to advertise it to the world. (I know because individuals close to me have done just that without feeling the need to identify themselves as “Going His Own Way”). He just goes about doing what gives meaning to his life without concern for other people. But by labeling yourself as a member and going as far as accusing men’s self-improvement articles of “shaming,” the group B members of MGTOW are openly admitting that they’re secretly ashamed of having surrendered. They hate things that compel them to take action because it’s a reminder that they’re not living a meaningful life.
    MGTOW philosophy would make sense if these men were leaving the society to start their own way of life, but almost all of them still work, they still pay their taxes, and they still operate within the society they’re supposedly refusing to contribute to. So, in the end, the B group of the MGTOW is not rejecting slavery from gynocracy as they claim; instead, they want to enslave themselves to mind-numbing entertainment and live a life of complacency with minimal effort and zero risk-taking. They may convince themselves that they’re just being “realistic” and doing what is best for themselves, but it’s clear that—for the B group at least—it’s all just rationalization for their learned helplessness.
    The MGTOW community also proclaims the likes of Issac Newton and Nikola Tesla as role-models who have rejected women in pursuit of higher meaning. However, the the whole of the B group is not engaging in scientific discoveries or advancing the human race in any way. No, not even. Instead, what they’re doing with their supposed independence is playing video games and wasting time online complaining and spewing their bitterness. Although anger is a legitimate emotion to be felt when you you’ve been lied to about the nature of sex relations all your life, it can’t be your default mode of existence. If you’re going to build an identity, you must base it around creating and striving, not around opposition and rejection.
    Not all self-improvement tips are attempts to shame you.
    Men loathe signs of weakness and defeatism; their derision is not an attempt to control your life or sell you stuff.
    Complete withdrawal isn’t necessarily a good thing and it shouldn’t be seen as the...

    • ... the only possible option for men.
      Without drive, purpose, and direction, men of MGTOW will go nowhere.
      The Group B are taking over the movement and they’re not doing themselves or the movement any favor.
      If you can’t even take a light criticism and think this is just another effort at shaming, I won’t do anything more. It’s your life and I don’t lose anything. I’ll just say that when you become trapped in your own mind without experiencing the world, it’s very easy to get caught in a loop of complacency and get cozy with it. You’ll convince yourself that you’re right and anything that suggests a different outlook or possibilities will be seen as a threat to your comfort zone. You might even convince yourself that you’re happy when you’re not. I know all this because I’ve been there.
      Being single and unsuccessful (assuming that’s the issue for you) in itself is nothing to be ashamed of, most of us have all b

    • ... been there at least one point in our lives. But claiming the grapes are sour and saying you’re the one rejecting women and society without doing anything for self-improvement is something you should be ashamed of: you’re letting yourself down.
      So, go your own way and take charge of your life if you must, but just make sure you’re actually using the opportunity to do something for yourself—not for anyone else, but for your own sake.

  • Yeah I'm divorced now, it's no fun , financially it's a bad decision , it was nice to have a woman around when things are great but once things go bad it's the worst thing you'll ever have to deal with in your life is divorce

    • Exactly, a woman could say "you're never having sex again" and you can't do anything about it, but if you don't support her while married to her it's called financial abuse. A woman could also divorce you and you're still forced to pay her alimony while you get nothing and there's nothing you can do.

    • Yeah she almost tried that and then I said then you can have the cell phone for all 3 kids since that's not a requirement of child support and she knows the kids would freak out with out them and they live with her