Guys at what stage in Marriage does your sexual desire in your wife diminish?

Guys at what stage in Marriage does your sexual desire in your wife diminish?
What I wore on our wedding night the first time we had sex.
He says in so much sexier than his buddies girls

I like to reward him when he does something right.

I dont want to end up like the Clintons but my husband wants sex all the time like he has this super libido and a constant horniness. I swear once at my mother's I only made eye contact and he got hard. We've been married three years and though I love orgasms it would be nice to get a break from sex especially now that im pregnant.

  • 4 years
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  • 5 years
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  • 6 years
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  • 7 years
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  • When she has her first baby
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  • Im unattracted to mu wife now
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  • Never
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come on guys opinions?


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  • Depends upon guys libido, loyalty with u ranges from never ever to less than one second

  • Im unattracted to mu wife now

  • Where's the option for 1 year?

  • I think like after a few months. That is why i think guys should never get married and sleep around more

    • single guys have 99% less sex than married guys. Ps that special handshake you give your little winky doesn't count as sex.

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    • fourtimes a year isn't variety its a famine

    • haha, you are talking about the average guy... not someone like me hun ;)

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