POLL - Why are the wife's parents GOOD and the husband's parents BAD?

It may not happen in every single case, but this is the general occurrence. We've all heard the line JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER!!POLL - Why are the wife's parents GOOD and the husband's parents BAD?
The general rule is also that the woman wants to leave her husband's parents house ASAP while on a visit with the kids... but wants to stay for as long as possible in her own parents house with the kids...

Why? Why do women insult the man's parents so badly?

  • Because the man's parents are the bad guys
  • I don't know
  • It's just their (womens) nature
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  • That's a double standard! Anybodies parents can be bad! That is generalization because it is always the male thats a horny dog while the girl is always the good girl. Sorry not always true, what if it was the other way around? I don't buy it. Never did. If I see parents with bad behaviors, poor lack of judgement, it says a lot of them. And that includes both parties parents. Some parents are good and some parents are bad. It is best to know who your getting involved with and who's family are you marrying into or merging with. Other than that, if you really love your spouse, just deal with it and move on! It is you and your spouse now. Not the parents! Love them, treat them with respect. Its part of life. They either love you or secretly hate you. But always be the better person.

    • LOL good girls don't exist. Women are evil af

      Women should be at the feet of their in-laws

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    • I suggest you seek professional counseling asap if you can't even acknowledge that a woman is a human being like you. I came here to answer your question because it was appealing to me. Like I said before, if you hate females, women, girls so badly, stay to yourself. No innocent woman wants to suffer because what another woman did to you. I don't need to pay for her sins for whatever reason. Best Regards.

    • Women are human... but they are evil subhumans

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  • Because the man's parents are the bad guys


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  • I can't even answer to your poll because my in laws are very good people and very nice. So is my dad.
    I actually really like to go to their place just like I like to go see my dad.

  • Okay I have seen it with my own grandparents. My dad's side of the family are not a nice bunch in general and I am not just saying that to pick up for my mam's side of the family. We had a party two years ago and even my neighbours said they were not nice at all but got on very well with my mother's family.


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