Does this sound like wedding bells? ring shopping with family?

last week my boyfriend casually asks me, IF he proposed what type of ring I would like. Of course I've never been engaged and haven't the slightest clue, he tried to show me some pictures but it wasn't very productive and he dropped the subject.
His birthday was this weekend, and his sister came into town to visit. he suggested that the two of us hang out while he worked on Sunday. We were supposed to go get our nails done but she didn't want to and said we should just go to the mall. When we get there she wants to go into jewelry stores and look at diamond rings (she is in a committed relationship too and is hoping for her beau to pop the question) we went to about a half dozen stores and looked. I absolutely loved 2, and she got the item numbers written down to give to him. Im thinking of how sneaky we are lol.
When he got home that night his sister, mom, and i were still looking at engagement rings on the TV. he didn't seem put off by it at all. i told him which one i was absolutely in love with. apparently he expected something more expensive because he said "you're sure that all you want?" I responded yes, and he said "okay".
I was thinking today about how well he took the fact that his sister took his girlfriend to sniff out diamonds, then i realized that I might've been the last one in the loop. Does anyone think it was planned, or just a huge coincidence? I love him and I'm really itching for this one ring, so im hoping we hear wedding bells!


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  • It sounds like wedding bells. I hope he gets you the ring that you want.


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  • To be honest I suggest that she doesn't do that. That is something that her boyfriend needs to do. If she gives it to him, he is going to assume that she's pressuring him to marry. Now in your case, I believe that he is interested in marrying you and has been thinking about that a lot. But to be honest it would be wise to just be happy with whatever he would want to give you, because it should symbolizes the love he has for you if he was to ask. Otherwise it may not work out to well, just by your answer on that question alone.

    There is a study that pointed out that those who's rings costed about a $100 or a little more had the longest and most satisfying marriages than those that is far more expensive. Overall he does look to marry you. Be remember, guys do that to test you too. So you really need to make sure that you are deserving of that ring, and prove that to him in marriage. Because marriage is serious business, it is not magic, it is not about happiness but obligation and husband and wife. When you do your duty you should be happy with doing so as his wife and likewise as your husband. If your not looking to submit to him as a wife in all things, you better think about that decision. That means he is in rulership and head over you as well as a leader. So whatever you two do, don't deprive each other of that.

    Overall I hope this helps and that you two make a wise decision. :)

    • I was saying that I think the whole point of ring shopping was his idea. Not his sisters, and that was just a tricky way of figuring out what I wanted...

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    • He is pretty practical. I showed him the ring I want and the cost. He wanted something more expensive. I could have gotten a $5k ring but I I fell in love with a very unique $1k ring. I don't think that's bad. He will want to know that I love it for site do he will probably just buy what I wrote down.

    • @Asker Well Asker as long as you both are satisfied with it, it then it is what it is. Overall, my only concern is wither or not you both are ready and prepared to make this step. As marriage is not about a ring or a piece of paper, it is how you both choose to make it. As long as your looking to submit to him in love and in all thing as a wife, and likewise for him to you, then do as you both see fit. Overall I pray you two make the right choice. He will definitely propose at the right time. Many blessings.

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  • Sounds like wedding bells to me! Good luck!

  • How did you not think you were ring shopping?

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