Do u feel any pressure to get married?

from society / family/ friends
personally yes even in a joking way like : didn't u find a wife yet :p

but think about it more half of marraiges end with divorce so take care :p
ps : scientist found that marriage can cause prostate cancer , hair falling , aids , and suicide for men
do u feel any pressure to get married ?


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  • Well, my mother and my sisters often say :" when you get married you will do this and that.." or simply "when you get married..."
    But I don't feel pressured at all. If they knew I'm not planning on doing that, they would criticize me and ask me why.
    And I don't have to answer to these questions.


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  • Nope, I really don't care what others think or suggest. If they're married, then they're married, just don't go around shoving their beliefs in someone else's face and insist others to conform and follow them, as it's only their way is the correct way or right way.

    Not everyone has the same perception and beliefs about marriage so everyone should learn to tolerate and accept the differences that we all have about marriage and not expect that everyone should or must conform and get married when they do not have to and neither do they need to.

    It's all personal, and marriage really just is not absolutely for everyone, believe it or not.

    if you absolute want to marry then you may eventually marry, no absolute guarantees for that to happen either, and if if you absolutely do not ever want to marry, then you shouldn't and probably would never ever marry for the remainder of your lifetime.


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  • Load of hogwash from science! Marriages if in a stable, loving and safe environment have proven to boost the quality of life, economically and financial stand point for both spouses and make twice the amount than those who are single, shared property also builds up equity if you own real estate known as: Tenancy of the Entirety. Learn the term. Also, if your the type of person who has premarital sex, is naturally selfish and you end up marrying somebody who does the exact same thing as you do or similar, you can't complain as to why marriages are a sham or a copout because your the same as the person you married. You should have thought about it BEFORE you married them. But do people listen? Nope. Do they want to listen? No. Do they care? They pretend to care or don't care at all. That is the reality. Yet when they see other married couples thriving and doing life right, they get equally as envious, jealous and scrawl at any chance they get or be like a home-wrecker and plot to destroy the marriage or seduce a married person to cause the marriage to fail.

    THIS is the kind of world were living in. And where everything is far too lax, there's hardly to NO consequences whatsoever for these decisions, NOBODY is really getting punished, the law is broken, the system is screwed up with screwed up mindsets of people! Parents are no longer being parents, and not reprimanding their children until they are out the house as they should. Instead they want to be friends. No boundaries are being made nor set, the man is no longer being the head of the household over his wife and children, let alone now lacks the leadership skills to even make sure his family is safe, happy and secured. All at the same time, women are not being brought up to be 'proper' women eligible for marriage, but eligible to 'play the field' and still attempt to do so while married! Women no longer have the wisdom to even help their husband's nor their own children. Yet instead of being a help mate she is a home destroyer not a home builder! And men have become a tyrant of his own home, instead of a loving, peaceful and strong men with courage and plenty of affection. Instead he inflicts pain and brutality the same way women do to their husbands. If children are involved they witness this, and this now becomes part of their psyche and destroy's the overall growth for the family.

    People are not realizing the things they do now will shape their children and lives in the future later on in life!

    • Overall, Yes. I have been pressured many of times throughout my life. And to be honest, I just ignore it and don't care about it like that anymore. I love marriage in general. I love the prospects and the beauty that God designed marriage to be. But the way how people are turning marriage into an evil, corrupted, controlling and brainwashing union is a complete turn off.

      The kind of marriage you are describing is exactly that. That is why men AND women want to commit suicide. They see no way out. Getting cancer has a lot to do with weak immune systems and eating foods with too much processed chemicals causing them, as well as pollution amongst other things. Stress can make hair fall out if it's unnecessary and unhealthy stress, and can help set the onset of cancer. Not marriage.

      But one thing that is true. If your not already doing the right things morally, not being with a partner who loves you, both of you are toxic and unhealthy people, selfish, unchanging, unloving...

    • ... irresponsible, refuse to learn, unwilling, not self-sacrificing, UN-FORGIVING of a persons transgressions, unyielding, won't heed/abide, disrespectful, won't submit in LOVE, unkind, not gentle, cold hearted, not boastful - prideful or egotistic, not just, lack of faith, is unfaithful, non committing, a lair/deceiver, is a User: you take yet you don't give in return, etc -- Then the marriage is NOT a Marriage. But a union based off of a piece of paper because legally it says so. You have nothing else.

      When I was little growing up, that was not the kind of marriage I pictured of wanting to have. And let alone do I want a dating partner who's everything I just listed and is out for himself and to hurt me, my future children, the marriage, etc. But at the end of the day, nobody really wants me for who I am and what I stand for and believe in. So I'm not looking forward to it, not do I want marriage or dating anybody in this day and age because of this.

  • I'm Tunisian, What do you except 😂
    "Nshallah far7tek" since you're 4 years old lmaooo.
    My mom already sends me pictures of dresses I should wear for my Engagement day lol! And I never went to a date yet haha

    My father in the other hand still sees me as his little baby girl and he gets uncomfortable when my mom talks about my future wedding haha!


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  • I don't have anyone in my life pressuring me to get married. It is something I want to do though. Hopefully in the nest 5 years, just have to find the one first. Also if you find someone who you truly fall in love with and want to spend your life with your life will only improve, don't understand all the negativity towards marriage. If two people really want to be together they will do anything in their power to make it work.

  • Nope.