If you Do Not want to have any kids, then does marriage or getting married even matter any more or really matter at all to you?

Do you think that getting married even still matters any more for someone to if they don't ever want any kids of their own?

In general, both parties must agree that they both do not want any children at all and are firm with their decision as it's a big life decisions, as they are certain that will absolutely never ever change their mind about their decision later and regret it for any reason, in order for that type of relationship to actually ever work and for both parties to co-exist peacefully, although I've heard of really rare occasions where one partner makes the ultimate sacrifice for the other, as in sometimes one will stay with their partner at the expense of never ever being a parent for the remainder of their lifetime.

Most cases I would think that if both parties don't want children and if things don't work out, the splits or even divorces aren't as terrible compared to those that Involved children, since it's much more difficult to start all over and get back into the dating world with additional baggage, unwanted or otherwise. People can be very selective about ever dating and seriously committing their time in a relationship with single parents. When you don't have any children, a divorce or split can still be a complete fresh start when you are not and have not become someone's parent, and it would be best to avoid bringing up the past at all and think too much about the marriage that just didn't work out.

And besides, marriage like many see it now is a piece of paper, and institution, a system. Although pre-nup agreements or even post-nup agreements can help sometimes, they are not an absolute guarantee to protect one party from entirely being taken advantaged of by the other party and not get screwed over by the system altogether.

I always think that it makes much more sense for those that want children to be married and will accept and face whatever consequences for it. As I believe the system had been designed entirely in favor for the family unit. You would have to pay MORE taxes as a "Dual/Double Income No Kids" kind of couple that is married legally if I remembered correctly, although there are still some benefits in regards to finances if both parties work together and help each other.
Anyone think marriage really matters, if you know already that you don't ever want to have any kids of your own?


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  • Yes Marriage still matters if that is what you want with that person. But you never know, you might change you mind when you marry. Marriage is how you make it and it is not a "piece of paper, and institution, a system." It is an institution but not a institution to corrupt and kill you except for you to die to self. Marriage is supposed to make you become unselfish, to give up your wants for another's needs willingly, obligation out of love.

    Sadly you have no idea how sticky a divorce can get with or without a child. It doesn't make divorce easier and it never does until you only have one thing. Divorce is a requirement to divide assets equally, partially or none at all. However men and women last living longer and more happier in marriage than those who are single. Marriage naturally comes with children because children are a product of your love with your spouse that you both create, unless life happens where you can't have children naturally. Overall it is a decision between you and your partner. But children thrive at best in a marriage union with both parents their equally in a loving and safe environment. That should be the key focus instead of only looking out for yourself. I for myself chose a Celibate life without the need of marriage, sex or a child, not even to date because of these things:

    1. I no longer desire for marriage or children, let alone want to date period.
    2. I'm happy as a virgin and I want to leave it that way.
    3. Sex in not a important to me and I never considered it being important.
    4. Even when I was open to Marriage, nobody shared the same views as me.
    5. Always got told by guys how I wouldn't make a good wife or mother growing up.
    6. Is considered too weird or awkward by a lot of people.
    7. I'm far too stressed, tired and sick to be concerning about any of that.
    8. I'm a family orientated person and believe in traditional marriage, not many people believe in that anymore.
    9. I hate the dating life today with a passion. Too many fake people, frauds, and users out for their own.
    10. They don't keep their promises and lie habitually.
    11. I don't believe in divorce. But if it comes down to it, their better be a good reason. I would not want a person who would ever consider divorcing me.

    I have so many other reasons it isn't funny and that is why I prefer remaining as I am. But again. Marriage is not what your talking about. But it is a lot harder than being on your own. Do what is best for you and is beneficial for others.


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  • If I were to have kids then I'd get married.
    But I don't want kids so I probably wouldn't get married.

    What I don't like about marriage is that you're putting the law above love. Shouldn't love by itself be strong enough to keep two people together? Even with marriage, there's no guarantee that the couple will stay together as they could get divorced. However, if you bring children into the equation then I think there's an obligation for the couple to stay together for the sake of their children to raise them properly, in which case marriage may help.


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  • i don't plan on babies n i feel uneasy when i think of falling in love... so marriage seem like never cuz i said so

    • 15 years later.
      Apple is directing anime based series on Usa, while their 4 kids run around the studio breaking her favorite flower vase. :' (

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    • @OrangeBoy Okay don't be disappionted when I get out of the car and you see a fat lady walking in hahah!

    • Not enough to disappoint me.

  • Yes I still plan to get married.

  • I don't want kids, but I still want to get married.

    • Make sure you are firm with your decision though. Right now you're at 18, I don't know if you'd ever change your mind, unless 18 isn't your true age just like how 19 isn't my real age.

      You can wait until your 35 or past that age and then get married since the whole Biological Clock had expired by then. Although, you CAN get surgery and get your tubes tied also which permanently prevents any possibilities of pregnancies instead of having to use and BUY birth control products over and over again, but the health risks are much greater compared to guys that get their tubes in their testicles snipped; a vasectomy. Otherwise you can always try looking for dates here:

      https://www.yeschildfree.com OR https://www.idonotwantkids.com

      It's not common enough of a dating market yet, but hopefully eventually more and more people that are Childfree BY Choice will have a better chance of finding a right partner or companion for themselves at some point later on.

    • I haven't had a hard time finding men who don't want kids either. most I meet usually say that they don't want kids, but will deal/take care of them if their wife/gf happens to get pregnant.

      They have a "if it happens, so be it" mentality towards kids mostly.

  • I don't want children but id still love to spend the rest of my life with one person. If I met the perfect person but they wanted to have kids I think we could negotiate

    • If I were to negotiate with somebody that ever wanted and actually ever "loved" me for me, which I highly doubt will ever happen because I mostly have a half glass empty and cynical outlook on life and everything. I wouldn't want biological children, since I know how temporary people are and come with undesirable things such as suffering and pain, and the inevitable, randomly and unexpectedly. Although they do not exist as something practical and real yet, I would rather have an Artificial Substitute like that android kid from that movie A. I. Artificial Intelligence, as I don't ever want to have to worry about my kids ever getting sick, feel pain or if something horribly tragic and unexpected happened to them. As long as they are built, designed and engineered to "love", "care", and to "store, backup and learn" everything that I can teach them then I am fully settled. Now only if I could ever find some single lady out there that think and feel similar if they didn't want kids either.

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  • Getting married doesn't really matter to me but I would go through with it if I met the right girl and if it made her happy.

    • Keywords: "Right Person"

      That is the most important, but it's difficult to find and meet the right person. And even then sometimes it turns out they were right for you in the very beginning or for quite a long time until unexpected thing had happen and then people change, and then maybe it just don't work anymore and feelings and thoughts about each other have changed, and then you or them no longer feel or think that the other person is actually the "right person" for them anymore.

      Either way I think that marrying the wrong person is bad, but marrying them and then having children with them will make it even more worse for everyone that is involved.

  • Kids or no kids, I don't think marriage matters. I have no intention of ever getting married. It's an old outdated tradition that's not required these days. Besides, marriages are very expensive, and divorces are usually even more costly. Most marriages fail anyway...

    I don't want kids, nor do I want to date either. Been single for 27 years.

    • Hurray! You almost made it to Single for 30 years in a row, well that is unless you've already been in previous relationships, or dated before, etc. Just got another 40, 50, or 60 years more to go right? Just keep saving up everything you have have earned for retirement then, because I know that's what I would do, since I also had already made up my mind long ago that children just is not for me either. The divorce possibilities being high at about 50% or slightly over and the system being rigged against guys are one of the main reasons why there is a big dropping rate in marriage. Although, there will still be people that have kids outside of wedlock, guys that knock up girls and possibly become deadbeat dads or something.

    • Marriage rates are definitely dropping. A vast majority of marriages fail, and men tend to be the ones who losses the most.
      I've never dated because I've never seen the point in it. Also I've never really had the interest.

  • I'm counting on having kids, but they are not really planned.
    What i care is to live,, make my projects a reality and eventually get someone that i feel that makes sense.

  • No children no marriages
    No problems in ages


  • To me, marriage is out of the equation. Marriage is a raw deal for a guy. If I want a partner, I'll have one without marriage.

    If I want kids, I'll have them with that partner

  • no, since who says the purpose of marriage is to have children?

    • I would think that because the laws and the system are designed in favor of of the family unit where both parents are legally married and all that legal mumble jumble. But the laws and "benefits" for marriage is different everywhere so I wouldn't expect them all to be exactly the same.

      The only "benefits" are really for those tax deductions just because the parents have children that are "dependents". And even then those benefits come with an inherent risk.

      Where as compared to when both spouses do not have any dependents, they'll have to pay more taxes altogether or something if I remembered correctly unless if they were making minimum wage or near minimum wage and struggling to make ends meet or something.

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