How do I pick a ring (s)?

My boyfriend of 3 years proposed out of nowhere on our vacation in the mountains. I'm so happy and excited. And a little bit in shock. He has always said marriage scares him. I've never cared because he's a great person. As long as we were happy I didn't need to get married.

Anyway, I rarely wear jewelry and if I do its cheap fake stuff. For Valentine's day 2 years ago he took me to jewelry stores but I could never settle on anything. I don't like diamonds and I want something eco friendly. I also feel guilty of him spending that kind of money on me. We're equals and I don't need his money or for him to buy me stuff. So anyway he didn't get me an engagement ring because the poor guy doesn't know what to get. He told me to find something I love even if it's custom made. Again that's so much money. I found a few rings under $200 that I like. He said he'd buy them all. "It's our engagement, our wedding, our marriage, we can do it however we want." But multiple wedding rings that I can change everyday, is that too weird?


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  • yeah multiple rings sounds a little strange but i guess if that's what you want to do you could do it.

    for me i went on a website bluenile. com. you can build a ring from diamond shape to the setting and everything. you could look at the different styles and pick one you like... then go to a jewelry store and sort of tell them what you want.

    • Thank you very much.

    • if you know someone who makes jewelry that can be even more fun as you can take pictures of what you've liked and really have them customize something. it can also be cheaper (it was for me) than going to a retail jewelry store

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  • I wouldn't suggest multiple rings. Pick one that is a style you can live with and go with that. It doesn't have to be expensive if you don't want it to be.

    Does he know your tastes after the whole selection process? If you trust his judgement, let him come up with something that fits your requirements but that he picked. That may make it mean more to both of you. My ring has 5 small diamonds and is one that most people think of as a cocktail ring. He worked with the jewelry store and designed it with their help when I said i didn't want a chunk of stone on my finger. I love that he took the trouble to design something that suited my tastes.


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  • You don't get to pick your ring.

    • Thanks for not reading the question, nor comprehending that we are non traditional, and he wants me to pick a ring.

    • >non traditional
      >still uses a ring

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  • No. I am not a ring person. My guy and I agree that when the time comes I will get a chocker instead (my choice) And a simple ring just for tradition and the ceremony (his choice).
    The ring in itself is just symbolic. So pick what means the most to y'all and go from there.