Have you ever had family not attend your wedding?

My father's siblings (my aunts/uncles) aren't coming to my wedding in a few weeks. I feel extremely hurt. Has this ever happened to you?

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  • Yes it happened to me, they didn't even tell me that they won't come. I discovered it at the party, and no worries, the didn't have fun with me and with my wife. when we met after the wedding they had some excuses that i didn't care about. have fun, enjoy your self and congrats

  • Yes and no. I didn't invite any of my family to my wedding.

    • why not?

    • No time to get them to where we were, plus we kept it a small ceremony. It was over a year before I could take enough time off work for a honeymoon. 😡

  • Yes, They couldn't afford to come, which is understandable!


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