Why is it that people don't have an idea in what they're looking for in a mate?


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  • I had no idea what I wanted in a woman until I met her and started dating. Most people are like that although many have a notion of what they want before they get out there.
    That's the point of dating to a degree - to see what you like and what you don't. It's like a salad bar, you don't know what you like or what you want until you try it. And when you try it and like it you never want to go without it again.


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  • Completely agree with enis_Penvy... you have to get to know and go through a lot of people to know what your looking for. Majority of the time though people look for different traits that their mother or father have in their partners. So if your father was easy-going the daughter would look for someone similar because that is who her first positive role model was in life (research has been done on this too)
    But after getting a taste of every trait you begin to form your standards and get a good idea of what your looking for


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