Is he cheating on me? Or is he rude and jealous?

Ok , so here is the situation my boyfriend and I live together for a while now ! Everything I do gets him irritated or pissed , today I almost cried cause he came up and been rude the hole morning and never said " I'm sorry " If I lose something any guy would help me to find , he basically when I ask always say " Stop accusing me of taking your shit " seats down playing games while I search the hole room , he didn't opened up the door for me , yet makes me feel like I am in this old song by Hilary Duff called stranger because he wants to show everyone our love is okay when isn't and whenever my dad is around he makes the gentleman paper as soon as everybody is gone treats me like shit ! If he pays for something he can't stop talking about money but he keeps on telling me that my money is his and his money is mine ! All the time he wants me to play his games and when I don't he says I don't want to spend time with him ! Most of the time he hates my guy friend (by the way the only one I have) and the reason why is because he asked me out in a live cam with 200 people I said no but I keep seeing him because we want to be like Miley and Borglore and we take pics together for social media :) So , is he a jealous guy or is he cheating? What do you guys think? Is he cheating on me ?? Or is he rude and jealous ??


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  • he's a manipulating controlling asshole get out as fast as you can. It will only get worse with him.


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  • I think both of you are a couple of rednecks and I don't see how you even deserve to have doors opened for you... I mean do you know how to open a door?

    Anyhow I think you're in an unhealthy relationship and I would tread carefully if I were you.


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